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Cast iron cooking rings
Cooking line for crepes
Cooking line for spring rolls and samosas
Cast iron cooking rings

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We supply automatic production lines and rotary carousels that cook any product based on a liquid mix (Crêpes, Galettes, Pancakes, Blinis, etc.) for industrial and artisanal production.

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SDTN caters to manufacturers in need of equipment capable of high outputs, and subject to strict cleanliness and food hygiene requirements.
The know-how is developed around 2 processes
Rotary cooking carousels and cylinder cookers with additional equipment for filling, folding, rolling, stacking, cooling and conveying.

Please contact us on the following adress : or by telephone +33 2 97 65 61 21
The Lab by SDTN, provides rotary cooking lines for artisans wishing to combine accurate heating with comfortable use, while respecting tradition.

This range can be declined for
the cooking of crepes and pancakes, waffles and ice cream cones in
a Home-made spirit from 100% manual to fully automatic.

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